New Game Suggestion For Monks

Hello Dear Monks,

We are happy to announce a few game suggestions for you. Playing a game is really fun and exciting and it also promises to pass your time when you feel bored. Playing a game is no crime and it is something that must be done always. Playing a game relaxes one’s mind and helps concentrate on work better as mind is relaxed after a some game time. Playing a game, we believe is a really good thing to do, so please continue to play always.

Hill Climb Racing is one of the most famous driving challenge game that ever built on Android Phones. In this game, you are supposed to drive your vehicle through challenging terrains where the ground is going up/down etc. The terrain is really challenging as it promises to take you to Moon or Mars or even arctic or military grounds. The purpose of the game is to pose a player a challenge that they cannot complete the map. Most likely you will fall down or break your neck or run out of fuel before you finish a map.

We have played same maps with several vehicles but could not complete any. Maybe the game is just meant to be that way. However you can always try to complete the game if you have unlimited coins. We recently found out about some hillclimbracinghack website that offers to give unlimited coins to any account free of cost. With that many coins, we could unlock all maps and vehicles and even upgrade the vehicles. Maybe then there is a chance of completing some map after all?

Subway Surfers is another game that is full of fun and excitement. This is a very simple game where your job is to run around collecting coins and protecting yourself from the sergeant and his dog. They are after you because you dirtied their walls and defaced public property. This is against rules and a criminal act and you have been caught. Now it is your job to run away and while you do, you can collect some coins along the way.

We have estimated a need for 10 million coins to fully unlock the game and thus instead of collecting them manually, we unearthed a secretive subwaysurfershack website that is promising to deliver that much coins in seconds to the account. You must try that too because if this is true then we can actually become the highest scorer in the game as we will get our hands on tons and tons of skate boards. These skate boards will help protect us from dying like all the time.

Monks Favourite Games

Hi people, today we have gathered here to share some of the best experiences of Monks. What we did in last few days is do an online Poll among all Monks. We asked them which are your favorite android games of 2016 and we were surprised that we got to know about two of the games that were their top picks. Monks are big time lovers of these games actually, their comments were very positive about the games. The following games are what they found as their best bets:

Pixel Gun 3D – Pixel Gun is one of the most favorite shooting game for Monks. They also like some fun, action and strategies. They voted this as the best war and shooting game of 2016. The multiplayer shooting game where you have to kill and destroy your enemies as fast as you can. This is one game where you even get a chance to kill off zombies. The basic idea of the game is that you win these fights by shooting off your enemies and then collect coins as a gift. Coins are an important portion of this game as they fetch you new guns and ammo. But that is not a matter of worry as you can always make use of pixel gun 3d hack tool or any other similar software to get unlimited coins deposited to your account. The important part of the game is your shooting strategy and how you do it.

8 Ball Pool – Monks told us that they really miss playing Pool as there is no Pool table nearby them where they live. Monks are very happy at the fact that someone out there thought about them and got them a nice big pool table on their smart phone directly. Now they can easily play Pool with their friends anytime of the day. They can challenge their friends and even defeat them or get defeated. Pool is a really fun game to play with your friends and best part is when you defeat your friend hands down. One of the criteria of this game is that you must have coins in your account if you want to play a game, so don’t come down to zero coins ever or you may not be able to play. But if that ever happens, then you should come see us. We will fetch you with a nice 8 ball pool hack tool that will offer you free coins to help you continue playing the game.

I just Spotted Monks Playing Games

Hi friends, today I am excited to report to you guys that I have just spotted some Monks who were playing games on their smart phone. One of them was playing a virtual pet game called Pou. Another was playing Clash of Clans and the third monk was playing Clash Royale. All of them were having fun actually. I decided to speak with them and ask them to tell me about these games. Here is what they had to say.

Pou – The Monk told me that it is a fantastic virtual pet game where an alien pet has landed on our planet and I must take care of this pet. Taking care of a pet is not an easy task, you have to give them food, play with them, take them outside for a walk or even give them a bath, it is a 24 hours work schedule and it is not easy. Because of how hard the game is when it comes to collecting coins, they are using some sort of pou hack software to unlock the entire game and also had some millions of coins in their account.

The second Monk who was playing Clash of Clans told me that how this game is the top war based strategy game out there. With hundreds of games based on the same concept, how clash of clans still stand out. There are still millions of players in this game and still millions of gems are being given out, thanks to free clash of clan gems softwares that are floating around to offer free gems. Clash of Clans is a war game, so you collect resources, build troops, defenses and go out on war. Attack enemy players on a regular basis and loot them off their resources. If you don’t loot other players off their resources, then it is hard to grow in a game like this. Clash of Clans most basic concept is attacking others and growing your own village.

The third Monk told me that Clash Royale is the latest war strategy game to hit the market. Life is all about enjoying, so don’t take it to heart that you are waging wars. This is only a game and you get three minutes to destroy your enemy. Don’t let the enemy fool you and don’t feel emotional for their loss. Kill them! Be strong and destroy your enemies like its the last thing on earth you’ve got to do.

Monks Fall In Love Too

There has been a misconception that Monks are not supposed to fall in Love. Why so? Monks are people too and they are supposed to do all the things that any other person can do. Monks can fall in love too and it is their right to do. In fact it is not under one’s control to fall in love. Almost anyone can fall in love at any given time as it depends on the person you fall in love with. Have you heard about love at first sight? What exactly is love at first sight? There is at times a natural connect that happens and you automatically fall in love with that person.

Things You Need To Do When In Love

Sometimes when you are in love, you need to do those small things in life to keep the relationship going strong and exciting. One of the easiest ways to keep your girlfriend happy is you keeping a list of cute things to say to your girlfriend. Keep a long list of cute things to say handy with you all the time. If you ever need to make her smile, take out a list and see what best suits the given situation and make use of the situation for your better. This will help you greatly in your life. A happy girlfriend is much better and safer approach than to have an angry girlfriend. It will not just keep you happy when you are with her but also happy when you are not with her. Sometimes love is all about seeing your love partner happy than you yourself being happy. Try and see that making your girl smile will actually make you smile too. It is a fact and you must try it.

Monks on the other hand are often deprived of love because we people keep thinking that they are not supposed to love anyone. How wrong is that to think? Poor Monks are normal people like us and they are happy to be loved. Please don’t think of Monks as some other type of human beings that are not supposed to find their love. Everyone deserves to be loved in this world because it makes one happy in life. Being happy in life is a right of every individual. I met a Monk once and he was a really nice and humble human being, it was really great to become a friend of them. I was very happy to have spent a week with them in a Monastery.

Monks With Smart Phones and Gaming

I was talking a walk in the local park here yesterday. I saw a two Monks sitting in a bench with their smart phone and they seemed to be quite busy looking into their phone and moving their hands. I was a bit surprised, so I went near to them while pretending to run on the track and took one look at their phone. One of them was playing a game called Monster Legends and the other one was playing a game called Clash of Clans. I was surprised because I thought Monks were religious people who only spent their time in Buddhist temples devoted their time to Lord Buddha. But Monks are nowadays demanding a better life and more freedom. They can own a smart phone and play games and I see no wrong in that. Being a Monk don’t mean you give up your life for someone else. Enjoy your life and do what you like. Why restrict on others saying? Let me tell you what the games are all about.

Monster Legends which the first monk was playing is a very nice and fun strategy game and I too have an account there. I have been playing the game for several months now and it has been fun. The main concept of the game is breeding. While I was learning about the game, I referred to Monster Legends | Breeding Guide website and it helped me a lot in understanding which monsters are required to breed in order to get those special killer legendary monsters. What I learned about the game was that if you don’t have a Legendary Monster, then you cannot proceed much further in the game. Only those people can do well in the game that have been lucky to possess Legendary and Rare monsters. All other types of monsters are useless.

I play Clash of Clans as well and I am very much further ahead in the game. I already have those Red Walls and all the troops have been unlocked and upgraded at least once. This is a fun strategy game where you get to build your army base, build troops, update them and take them out on war. The game is all about war strategies, how you build your base and defenses and how you attack your enemies, direction to troops and other things. You build proper strategies and you will win the battles quite easily. There is an in game currency which you can make use of to proceed fast in the game. Clash of Clans | Free gems is a concept that was articulated a few months ago, wherein players can generate gems for free by filling out offers and surveys. This is a widely used concept today and I’m sure Super Cell is also making money out of this.

Monks Play Games For Their Entertainment

Today I am going to share with you something that you might find very interesting to hear. What comes to our mind when we here the word Monk? A person dressed in a peculiar fashion sitting in a Buddhist Temple praying to Lord Buddha? Is that all? Today I am going to change the way you think about us people. Don’t stereotype us into the same bracket as some of us Monks also lead a regular life at times. We like to watch a movie or go out to enjoy scenic beauty and yes we sometimes play games too.

I know a lot of Monks who play games, from playing games on their smartphone to their PC to console gaming. We play all sorts of games at times to relieve us of the pressure at times. Today I am going to discuss a few games that is going to totally blow your mind away. These three games are recently released and can be played in your home PC or even at your console. Hopefully they’ll be launched for your smart phone also. You can purchase these games at cheap games website.

IGI 3: You might have played the game IGI 1 and IGI 2, but recently an IGI 3 has also been developed by the same team. This is an amazing game and a huge change from their previous game versions. Game 1 was a hit because it was one of it’s kind and fun. The game is fast paced and enjoyable. Then they came up with IGI 2, which was a very detailed game compared to 1 and tougher too. The game employed a lot of cool tactics like night goggles and stuff. Now IGI 3 has come and the moment you play this game, you will realize how big improvement this is over already amazing game IGI 2.

Xbox One Games Live: Xbox One Live Gold Membership is an amazing thing where one can play some of these games live and enjoy the hell out of a simple game. Normally one would play games single player and compete against a computer but with free xbox gold codes, you can now compete against players from across the world. These codes can help you achieve the level of fun which previously was not possible at all. Almost all Xbox One games that have been developed for multiplayer can now be enjoyed live by connecting your Xbox console to the Microsoft game server. The best part of these codes is that they are almost free.

FIFA 16: The latest game to hit the stores is the same old famous loved franchise of FIFA. FIFA is your most famous football game franchise. If you love soccer, then you must be playing this game already. FIFA 16 just hit the market about a week ago and it is truly amazing. This is he first time these people have brought woman characters, well obviously to attract a female crowd also, but it will be fun to have a few women players in your team. Let’s go rocking girls!! For a long time the girls were requesting FIFA to add girly players and finally at their 16th version, it has been accepted.. Only today grab exclusive access to this FIFA coin generator tool and unlock the best features of this brand new game.

Even Monks Can Sit In a Luxury Car

Limo Service NJ has come to the rescue of Monks this season. They have launched a special discount for monks if they ever want to travel in New York and New Jersey, they can now avail special travel discounts. Monks are people who have given up their materials and properties and all forms of cash and luxury life to live a religious life till their death. Monks are people who are dressed up in simple clothes and spend their days and nights living a life of a devotee to Lord Buddha. A lot of Monks are found in Buddhist Temples doing prayers to their Lord. Their life is a lot different than our lives.

It is great honor to present this special travel services for Monks in the United States and we hope that with this special rates, the monks who have given up their worldly life will find some comfort and luxury for sometime, said the company’s official spokesperson. The company says that Monks don’t have to walk their destination because they are cashless due to their choice of life. Now this company will subsidize for them and make their life easier and better. Nevertheless, I am not sure if a Monk is going to avail this offer but I sincerely hope they do.

United States of 2015 is a lot different than the one that was in 1995. Now the city roads are a lot more chaotic and in this kind of environment, walking your way is very tough. Walking in busy traffic and roads is not easy anymore, it is a lot riskier and in such an environment, it is safer to take a car service at a very affordable rates. Anyway, it is not like an everyday affair for a Monk to visit the US and travel around, it is very rare that they come to this country and if they come here, we would like to show respect and support their cause. We want them to stay and be happy and healthy as long as they stay in our country and for that if we have to give away small portions of profit, then be it so, said the guy from the company.

There is no doubt that a lot of people in the US also are supporters of Lord Buddha and they respect him for giving up his great luxurious life and living a life of a Monk. It is very rare and quite a tough task to give up comfort of a soft bed and sleep on hard land under a tree. Not easy for someone to give up the comfort of traveling in a cart and start walking long distances.